Preserve Our Past

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In 2000, the parish committed to building a larger worship space for the growing community. While a newer structure, the 2003 building now requires major maintenance work including exterior masonry waterproofing, roof repair, new air conditioning system, improved interior lighting and exterior doors replaced with ADA approved accessible entry ways.

St. Boniface Catholic Church has created a legacy of caring for parishioners for nearly 150 years. Rooted in tradition and a vibrant history, our parish is a pillar in the community and in the hearts of those who worship here.

St. Boniface Parish was established in 1869 to address the pastoral and sacramental needs of a growing German population in the Edwardsville area, with the parish school following in 1871. As the parish census and outreach continued to grow, the physical needs of the parish also increased.

Although several projects occurred throughout the first 130 years, it was in 2000 that the parishioners came together to raise $6,000,000 for a massive project. “Project 2000” provided the funds to create a new worship space, while preserving the original 1869 church structure. The new church was dedicated in 2003, and school renovations began in 2006.


Eliminate Debt

This capital campaign will not only address the parish campus needs, but will also eliminate the parish’s current debt of $1,700,000 owed to the diocese on loans for previous improvements.

Our Mission

The STB2019 Planning Commission has evaluated these needs and prioritized them into a plan for our future. It recommended a capital campaign to support the foundation of our past and needs of our future.

The campaign represents a unique opportunity for members of the parish and community to come together to make certain St. Boniface Parish continues its legacy of service to our community.


Projects Completed & In Progress

  • Preserving the exterior of the 1869 church and steeple
  • Waterproofing the exteriorof the 2003 church
  • Repairing water damaged areas in both structures
  • Replacing exterior church doors, adding ADA accessibility
  • Replacing the church cooling system
  • Improving designated areas in the church for the elderly and persons with mobility impairments

Achievements & Improvements

The parish school renovations, which began in 2006, included new exterior windows and roof, renovation of the 1912 building, and a new HVAC system in 2013. In 2009 the main parking lot was reconstructed which included proper drainage, a new gated front entrance, functional decorative fencing, sidewalks, landscaping and improved exterior lighting.

Other major achievements and improvements at St. Boniface Parish include the 2009 purchase of the property at Vandalia and Burton, which is used as remote parking, known as Deutsch Place.

The Parish Office building has been updated with new windows, improved office and meeting space and new heating and air conditioning systems. In 2010, the rectory was purchased in close proximity to the parish campus.

Form Our Future

Our parish has seen rapid growth. Since Project 2000, our number of registered parishioners has increased from 1000 to nearly 1700 households.

With the projected growth of the Edwardsville area, St. Boniface will continue to attract greater numbers of Catholics who seek a place to celebrate the Sacraments, deepen their faith, educate and spiritually form their children.


Over the past 10 years, Baptisms have increased from 63 to 90. In April 2017, 72 eighth graders received the Sacrament of Confirmation and 88 second graders received First Holy Communion – the largest classes to date receiving these two sacraments.

St. Boniface Parish School has seen consistent growth and, with the addition of Father McGivney Catholic High School, we expect to retain students in the upper grades.

The PSR program continues to grow in numbers. Nearly 300 students will be enrolled in this excellent program in 2017-2018.