What happens if the campaign does not raise the money we need?

We are very confident the money needed to achieve our goals will be raised. Our parish has a rich history of coming through for us when we need it most. A smaller St. Boniface Parish raised $6 million 17 years ago to build the new church and make improvements to the school. St. Boniface has grown by 700 families in the last 10 years alone. With that being stated, the STB 2019 Planning Commission will keep a sharp eye on expenses and money raised during this campaign to ensure we accomplish our goals.

Where did the $6 million from the 2000 campaign come from and what was it spent on?

The capital campaign held in 2000 pulled together parishioners just like you to meet the needs of the time. Some were large donations, others smaller. They all contributed to building our new church and allowing us to keep the 1869 church at the center of Edwardsville.

Can I designate my donation?

Donations to the campaign can be designated for the projects outlined in the brochure. Donors who have an interest in an area and give a gift at an eligible level will have the choice of being recognized through one of the recognition opportunities included in this packet.

What about parking?

While some parking spaces will be lost due to completed construction, we will have a significant net gain in parking with the construction of the new parking lot at the corner of Vandalia and Fillmore.

What are the pledge options?

You have many options. You can make a lump sum payment. You can stretch your payments over a 5-year period. Gifts of securities and other nonmonetary payments are accepted as well. Pledge payment terms are very flexible and can be paid annually, quarterly, or monthly. Payments do not have to be evenly spread over the pledge period.

What is the campaign timeline?

This campaign is planned to take us into our 150- year anniversary of the establishment of the parish and the years immediately following. Some of the projects are occurring right now, while others will not be started until funding has been raised and the Parish debt retired. Our goal is to see all the projects started by our 150th anniversary celebration in 2019, but recognize that many of the major construction projects will not be finished by then.

How will my donation be recognized?

There are many donor recognition opportunities, which are listed in the brochure. From the lifetime donor wall, campaign donor wall, and individual recognition opportunities, donors have the choice to be recognized at all levels.

Why should I care about the school expansion? I have no children in the parish school.

This capital campaign is supporting St. Boniface Parish. Part of our Parish ministry is our parish school. Our school is just one of many entry ways for families to join our Parish. This is important for the growth and future of St. Boniface. By ensuring our school has the necessary facilities to continue attracting new students, we are helping to fulfill part of our Mission to provide a high quality, Catholic education to our children, as well as building the foundation for our future. In addition to this, our school building is a link to the Parish community with the PSR program, which needs more space for faith formation and catechesis.

How much are we raising?

To complete the recommendations of the STB Planning Commission, a goal of $6.2 million is our target. Raising this amount will cover all the project costs and allow St. Boniface to move into the future without any debt.

How much money is being spent and where?

$300,000 is needed for completion of the preservation and restoration of the 1869 Church and Steeple. $1.9 million is required to retire the parish debt owed to the Diocesan Building and Loan. $300,000 is needed for the parking expansion at the corner of Vandalia and Fillmore Streets and $3.7 million toward the improvements and additions to parish school building.

How will the campaign impact weekly giving to the Parish?

The capital campaign is needed to raise funds to complete projects which are not allotted for in the annual Parish budget. Donors are being asked to pledge a gift above and beyond their current weekly gifts to the Parish. The weekly giving is what sustains the operations of the Parish and what keeps our doors open.

How did you decide who to meet with during this first phase of the campaign?

The planning committees for the campaign regularly met over the course of 18 months. There has been a great amount of time and energy put into the details of the campaign, including who to meet with. Through analysis of our past giving history and using their extensive campaign experience, the consultants at Prosper Advising helped us develop a list of leaders within the Parish to meet with early in our campaign process.

Who are the Parish Representatives of the STB2019 Planning Commission?

Planning Commission Parish Representatives:

Steve Miller, Chris Amick, Marc Kamp, Mark Luchtefeld, Zach Allison, Sue Papajcik, Barb Stamer, Dean Croft, Jane Boone, Cindy Clark,Georgann Lautner, Benna Denue, Lisa Rolves, Doug Hastings, Mary Westerhold